20 August 2012

Weekend Fun

This is what I did during the weekend. 
I went back to drawing in the pebbles with the technical pen, from all the tools  I've tried it is the easiest to handle if the pebble is smooth enough.
The mandala cards are fruit of an experiment. I wanted to draw with the white ink on a colored background. I'd tried using a watercolor wash but both the mechanical pen and the dip pen got stuck so I tried using fluid acrylic paint instead and it work perfectly. Then I played a little bit on Photoshop Elements to get different colors.
It was a fun weekend!
The cards are available at my shop.

13 August 2012

On Their Way To New Homes

All this pebbles are on their way to new homes today. I'm excited and a little bit sad as well... funny mixture I guess, but it's like letting go part of myself.
Any way,  I was busy this morning packing each little pebble on its own little parcel. I had a great time, I really enjoy making the parcels and seeing the when they're done, I think they look cute.
  In the afternoon I painted some more pebbles to put on my shop which was looking a little empty.
Take a pick an tell me what you think. I just love painting them!

03 August 2012

Sketching Kit

  I don't now how many times I've changed my sketching kit. Each time I think this is it, but now I know, not for long. I use to feel bad but now I really enjoy changing it and making new discoveries, like this one.
I was in the process of deciding between trying a new commercially bound watercolor sketchbook, buying a hand bound sketchbook or binding my own again. I was also thinking I like to work on loose pages. I was thinking about how to carry and store the paper and I found this Art Tool Kit put together by Maria Coryell-Martin.
I made some changes. I already have my favorites tools and they don't change as much as the kit. 
So far I'm very happy with it, specially because everything is in one place, paper and tools. The binder is sturdy so the paper has good support while sketching and I also can attach the watercolor box with the binder clips. 
I think from the photos you can see what tools I carry but feel free to ask me any questions.
And don't forget to check the original Art Tool Kit, and the Expeditionary Art web site.