18 March 2014

New Watercolor-Ink Illustrations

It's been I while since I created my last Nature-Mandala-Pattern illustration...I was craving to do some white ink details too...I wanted to paint...

 While I was doing a commissioned work these new illustrations were born and I'm happy the way they turned out.

Not very inspired to write...

04 March 2014

Flowers and Bugs

With a few tools and inspiration from books and internet you can draw flowers and bugs.
 ...You can draw anything you like!  For proof check this post.

To make this page with flowers and bugs I got inspiration from Marjorie Blamey's Wild Flowers By Colour,  Icon Butterflies by Albertus Seba and images from internet on my trusty iPad.

I used a Stillman and Birn Zeta Sketchbook wirebound 6x8, Pentel P205 mechanical pencil with H leads, my absolute favorite fountain pen for drawing a Sailor Sapporo with EF nib, Copic Multiliner SP 0.1, kneaded eraser and a plastic circle template (I only use it to get the petals even, I don't use it when I draw my mandalas).