27 April 2013

Blue Dart Frog: Painting Today

Blue Frog by MagaMerlina

Today I painted a blue frog.
  These were my models:
Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobatidae Azureus)  from Central and South America.
Photo Credits Valdosta State Univertity

25 April 2013

Emboidered Bags

Casalguidi Bag
(Effie Mitrofanis' Design)
Ruskin Lace Bag
(Kath Cain's Design)
Casalguidi Bag
(my design)
Wessex Bag
(my design) 
Elizabethan Bag (front)
(Shirley Holdaway's Design)
Elizabethan Bag (back)
(Shirley Holdaway's Design) 
Wessex Bag (front)
(my design) 
Wessex Bag (back)
(my design) 
Needlepoint Bag
(Diana Parkes' Design)
Free-Style Embroidery Bag
(my design) 

 Now that my interest in embroidery is alive again, I decided to take photos of these bags.
 I made them between 1999 and 2004. Then I stopped stitching for a long time.
As I mentioned before, my creative journey started in Embroidery.

22 April 2013

Thread Mandala in the Making: How to

Thread Mandala in the making by MagaMerlina

I choose a color combination and then I start stitching in the center working outwards.
No thinking, no plan, no pattern.
I just go round and around having fun.

Thread Mandalas by MagaMerlina

18 April 2013

My New Painted Pebbles

When I saw these pebbles by Elspeth McLean I was instantly in love.
I was lucky enough to be able to buy them since I saw all her art on her shop go as she was uploading.
They are the perfect companion to Pedro the Chameleon.

16 April 2013

Pedro the Chameleon is finished.

Pedro the Chameleon is finished. by MagaMerlina

Meet Pedro the Chameleon.
I had this cute chameleon dancing in my mind for a while. It finally came out yesterday.

14 April 2013

Another Embroidered Mandala

I'm still on embroidery mode.
 It's funny, I feel like I've been unfaithful to my journals, my watercolors and to painting...  I can't help it but I am hooked again. 
I laugh because many times people who knew me as an embroiderer would always ask me "are you ever going to embroider again?  I didn't know for sure but didn't think it would happen.
...and here I am!
I think I'm enjoying it so much because I do it with freedom. The freedom I get from not knowing what I'm going to do or what I'm going to make. I don't follow any pattern or a plan.
I just think of colors and color combination, I start stitching and it grows, like this mandala.

For those of you who are more onto journaling I will post some pages next week and will probably be painting a couple of thing I have in mind.

Happy weekend!

PS. Look at my new coral butterflies bucket from Cozy Memories.

13 April 2013

Three Embroidered Felted Pebble Brooches

I'm loving these brooches where I can see the pebbles.
...and I'm having a blast making them!

09 April 2013

I Can See The Pebble!

New Brooch. I miss seeing the actual pebbles so on this one I cut a hole in the middle of the felt to be able to see it. It was in a dream I had last night.

06 April 2013

Embroidered Felted Pebbles: I'm Embroidering Again!

Last week I started making these felted pebbles following a wonderful tutorial I fund on Lisa Jordan's blog. She makes the most beautiful embroidered felted pebbles and I wanted to give it a try. She explains the whole process step-by-step with great photos. After the felting is done and the pebbles are completely dry you do the embroidery.
I think I've never mentioned that my creative journey in arts and crafts started with embroidery.
I hadn't done it for a long time and a couple of weeks ago I had this urge to stitch again. So for my 10 day vacation I took what I needed and this pebbles are the result.

I almost forgot! I worked on this mandala too.