01 March 2015

Mandala Tutorial Well Used

Some weeks ago, a very lovely and polite lady wrote me via the contact form on this blog, to ask if she could use my Mehndi Inspired Mandala Tutorial.

She was planing a class mainly for kids at a shop near were she lives. She said she always wanted to draw a mandala but didn't know how to do it and my tutorial had helped her getting started.

I immediately reply saying yes, first of all because she asked for my permission and second because I like to share what I do. I feel extremely sad when people use thing I've made just because "I found it on internet", with total disregard of what Copyright means.

Yesterday I got another email from Rebecca, the lovely and polite lady, telling me about the crafty afternoon mandala workshop she had done. This is what she wrote:

"We had the crafty afternoon today. I had mostly kids come by and I gave them a print-out of your different elements/shapes.
I told them all to look your website up and watch your rock-painting tutorial! 

I was amazed at the mandala results these children could achieve very quickly (see pic attached - the blue mandala is mine).
In that first pic - the orange and red mandala was done by quite a young girl - she really got it! Even a boy had a go.

I personally benefit from drawing the mandalas using your tutorial in a number of ways.
It took me a few goes to get the hang of balancing white space, not being too busy & fussy, making good colour choices! etc.

This is a really clear and easy to use tutorial. Thanks again for letting us use it."
Foto by Rebecca M.
Foto by Rebecca M.

She also says: "The tutorial really empowers people to have a go at Mandalas." "Me and my daughter have literally continued doing them tonight (see pic below)."
Foto by Rebecca M.

Rebecca and her workshop had made me extremely happy!!!
Thank you Rebecca from the bottom of my heart, you've made my day!

By the way, she has a beautiful business with her husband making reusable greeting cards, make sure you visit her at www.merrygoround.com.au
This blog post was written with Rebecca's permission to share her story and use her photos.