25 September 2011

Crocus and Butterfly


I finished the watercolor painting I was working on yesterday. The print is already available at my Etsy shop here

 It looks gorgeous framed!

24 September 2011

Happy Saturday afternoon.

Today after going out for lunch with Andrew and Camila we spent a lovely afternoon at home. It was raining and staying here was great!
I started this watercolor painting adding some collage, using and old postcard and a page from a little Japanese book I found yesterday in a second hand shop. I was afraid the collage would detached from the watercolor paper if I painted on top but it didn't! I am pleased how it is turning out. I will post a photo when I finish.

 I have had this cigar box for ages, I think it was may grandad's,  it is perfect to keep some treasures, along with the shipping tags I'm painting with watercolors for my Etsy shop.

19 September 2011

New Table and Shipping Tags

I am painting this shipping tag in a new table I "inherited" from my friend Carol. It is an old and used table full of creative energy from years of embroidery, book binding and other projects she worked on it. It is higher than normal tables which is good for detailed work because I usually work very close to the paper.
This is the daisy I was painting yesterday, I finished it in my new old table.

18 September 2011

New project I'm working on.

This is a little project I'm working on for my Etsy Shop
I'm planning a series of watercolor hand painted shipping tags with flowers, butterflies and other little wonders of nature.
Stay tuned for more about it!

16 September 2011

My Etsy Shop

This is the first picture I took from my Etsy shop last Monday.
I hope I'll have many of you visiting!

my first blog ever!

I am starting this new alter-ego's life after opening my Etsy shop. I think being MagaMerlina gives me freedom I don't feel as Maria Mercedes and it also allows me to be an artist.
I don't know if someone is going to read it,  I don't know what I will going to post or how often...I am just going to start and see what happens.