05 February 2013

The Calling...

Well, it seems that my spirit-soul is calling me. I haven't paid much attention to it lately and I think it's about time. I know it because I have everything I need, pretty much everything I want but there is still an empty space which is not filled up...
So... I started meditating again, I've been in and out meditation several times, I think it is a hard discipline, not meditating but doing it every day.
I also started something completely new for me, kind of a dream I had as a child... I started doing Karate, yes...KARATE!!! I did my first class yesterday. I was a little bit intimidated since the only exercise I do is walking, but I did it and I loved it! (a little sore today but survived)
 I'm committed again, lets see for how long...I hope it's for a long time.
It feels good!!!