13 August 2012

On Their Way To New Homes

All this pebbles are on their way to new homes today. I'm excited and a little bit sad as well... funny mixture I guess, but it's like letting go part of myself.
Any way,  I was busy this morning packing each little pebble on its own little parcel. I had a great time, I really enjoy making the parcels and seeing the when they're done, I think they look cute.
  In the afternoon I painted some more pebbles to put on my shop which was looking a little empty.
Take a pick an tell me what you think. I just love painting them!


  1. Para donde van? No me ha llegado ninguna !!!

  2. Your pebbles are lovely! You create so much detail. Nice to see a Blackwing pencil in your photo, too. I have some originals from my mum and just picked one of their beautiful new versions to experiment with.

  3. Thank you Maria! Nice to see you here. Blackwing are great pencils, so smooth to sketch and write with, but to dark as base drawing for watercolors. Lucky you having some originals.