15 May 2012

...and another one!

A couple of weeks ago very envious of a very talented Flickr Member I ordered an empty Bijou box. I already had my beloved Winsor and Newton which keeps changing all the time as you may have seen on my Flickr. It is one of my favorite toys and goes with me everyday, everywhere. I didn't really need another one but I desperately wanted it. (Fair enough and a very good reason I think!) Here you can see both of my little, useful, beautiful, beloved... Bijou Boxes with their color wheels. The one on the left a Winsor and Newton, my first one, it has been structurally modified to fit 15 half pans on it and has my favorite colors based on Jan Hart's wonderful book. The one on the right is the new one filled with Dory Kanter's palette, which I'm learning to use.
You can check the evolution of my Bijou Box and my other palettes here.