31 October 2011

...and the winner is!

...and Magdalena Gast is the lucky LollieCake Fairy Birthday giveaway winner!!! Congratulations!!!
Please send me your address at mmtrujilloa@magamerlina.com

Thank you all for your lovely comments and birthday wishes!

29 October 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Today was warm and sunny. 
Just after noon we headed off to the Taieri River for a picnic. It was fairly quiet and there were some playful dogs chasing the stones we were throwing in the water...so funny! We had our picnic and then while Camila was playing in the water, Andrew had a little snooze and I collected some colored little pebbles.Afterwards we drove to the Taieri Mouth and paddle around for some time. We just came home tired but happy. 

25 October 2011

Lollie-cake Fairy birthday give away!

Lollie-cake or Lolly-cake is a kiwi children's favorite, I have never seen it anywhere outside New Zealand.
On my new project I am drawing and painting New Zealand icons to make cards and prints.
Since tomorrow is my birthday I decided to celebrate it kiwi style which means you bake a nice cake for your friends.  It is a little bit tricky to send a cake overseas so  I will be giving away a lollie-cake fairy print and 5 lollie-cake fairy cards.
To participate just leave me a comment on this post and I will randomly choose a winner from all of you who do.
Winner will be chosen and announced on 31st of October.

20 October 2011


holy by MagaMerlina
I'm starting to make some Christmas "things"
I made two pages with collage as well, which  I'm going to turn in to Christmas cards with beautiful red envelopes.

19 October 2011

15.000 views on Flickr!

I just reached 15.000 views of my Flickr's Photostream.
I uploaded my first picture on the 5th of July 2009.  Never thought I could reach this number.
I've learned a lot in this time, from my contacts and the groups I belong to. Flickr is a place that keeps you inspired all the time for new ideas, new techniques, tools, etc.
 The picture below was the first one I uploaded.

10 October 2011

Job done. New Cards

Today I finished printing and packing all the cards from last week's order. I am very pleased with the job done. You can view the cards here
I made this six cards prototypes today as well.
Now I can do my Illustration Friday for this week, didn't get to do last week's and I can also sketch a gorgeous pheasant's eye daffodil a friend gave me. Will post them as soon as they are done.

07 October 2011

Busy and very happy...little scared too.

I have been very busy the past couple of days. 
I had my first big order since I started my shop at the beginning of September.
I made few cards to show locally and had a huge surprise when I had more than 20 orders...100 cards in total! I didn't even had enough paper and envelopes to print and had to rush to get some and materials for packaging.
 I just finished half of the job which I have to hand out tomorrow and hopefully more paper will arrive on Monday to do the rest.
I'm thrilled, surprised and very very happy, but the thought of this being just beginners luck scares me.
Next week I will go around town showing my products...will tell you the result.
I'm also planning to sell my cards on my Etsy Shop.
Will be telling you about this journey I am starting and showing you my cards.
Please wish me luck!

02 October 2011

Finished Shipping Tags

They look so pretty together!
Set of cool colors
Set of warm colors
hand painted with watercolors.

We had a beautiful day and Andrew invited Camila and me to a delicious picnic in our garden. 
After lunch while they were playing I spent a wonderful afternoon in my drawing room making this collage shipping tags and finishing the ones I was painting with watercolors.
They are all now available available at my shop