My name is Maria Mercedes, I'm a late bloomer, self-taught illustrator-crafter from Bogota-Colombia, who now calls New Zealand home. I'm married to a wonderful caring man and mother of a gorgeous teenage girl. I attended medical school, became a psychiatrist and in 2009 decided to make art full time. 
I like to draw, paint and embroider. I make mandalas, paint on pebbles, paint botanical art, but mainly I just play on my sketchbooks.

When we moved to New Zealand I had a very difficult period deciding what I wanted to do, finding myself again, finding out what my life project was. I had been keeping artist and travel journals since 2000 and some of my friends started to encourage me to share my work with the world.  I started painting watercolors to make cards and art prints for them, painting pebbles to give as presents when visiting my hometown each year, using some of my journal pages to make T-shirts for my husband. Finally, I decided to share what I had made.

In 2011 MagaMerlina my artist alter-ego was born. I'm thankful to her because she has given me something I had lost: the passion for life, the looking forward to a new project, the meaning to what I create, a purpose. Creating and sharing what I do make me happy.


You can contact me at maria@magamerlina.com