04 August 2016

Changes in my Paint Box

Last year I wrote a post about my favorite watercolors
I wrote about my favorite colors, how I choose them, brands, and my 
 sets. You can read it here.

Although my sets are pretty much the same in the last five years or so, sometimes I make little changes which, depend on what I'm painting at the moment.
This time I replaced four colors in my big box, three because I wasn't using them and the other one just because I liked it better than the one I had.

Here is a close up of the new color chart showing name, pigment code and brand. 

WN = Winsor and Newton Artists' Watercolors
DS = Daniel Smith
Ma = MaimeriBlu
H = Holbein 

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NOTE: The colors I replaced from my post from last year are Winsor Red, Opera, Aqua Green and Winsor Green (Yellow Shade). The colors I put in are Transparent Yellow, Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Magenta, Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Turquoise