03 August 2012

Sketching Kit

  I don't now how many times I've changed my sketching kit. Each time I think this is it, but now I know, not for long. I use to feel bad but now I really enjoy changing it and making new discoveries, like this one.
I was in the process of deciding between trying a new commercially bound watercolor sketchbook, buying a hand bound sketchbook or binding my own again. I was also thinking I like to work on loose pages. I was thinking about how to carry and store the paper and I found this Art Tool Kit put together by Maria Coryell-Martin.
I made some changes. I already have my favorites tools and they don't change as much as the kit. 
So far I'm very happy with it, specially because everything is in one place, paper and tools. The binder is sturdy so the paper has good support while sketching and I also can attach the watercolor box with the binder clips. 
I think from the photos you can see what tools I carry but feel free to ask me any questions.
And don't forget to check the original Art Tool Kit, and the Expeditionary Art web site.


  1. You seem wonderfully organized. I am more scatterbrained in my approach. ;)

  2. Kathleen, terribly obsessive I would say. I try to be more relax but can't help it.. hehe

  3. I've seen this kit before and I really like how it's so compact and fits everything for sketching. I wondered about punching holes in the paper. Do you find the rings get in your way, Also, does having the supplies underneath the paper make it too bumpy to sketch on. Thanks.

  4. ingbranch, so far I love the kit. I don't find problems with supplies underneath. I'm using 300g paper, probably it helps and if I need to do something with a lot of pressure I just take the page out. For sketching and watercoloring I haven't found it's a problem and I don't mind the rings, they're not big. For punching the holes I bought this http://franklinplanner.fcorgp.com/store/category/prod517/US-Customer-Essentials/Metal-Hole-Punch%3bjsessionid=2F788095261E9803BB0720E679415391?skuId=22997 be sure it is the pocket/compact one!

  5. Your palette looks different from the one in her pictures... is it the same one or have you used a different palette in the book.

  6. Capt Elaine you are right, it's different, I'm still in madly in love with my WN Bijou Box so I put the other one away.

  7. I am enjoying your flickr images, especially the sketch kit ones. Followed a link here. I just returned to watercolor and making art in February 2012. I'm doing the same thing as you describe here... changing out my sketch kit a lot. I still haven't decided what I prefer as a sketchbook. I really like the Moleskine books but I think I want the option to remove. I've put watercolor paper that's just over 5x7" in just a standard small 3 ring binder. Very cheap options.

    1. Thank you very much! The kit images are within my favorite too, and I love seeing everybody else's kits.
      I think those kits are ALIVE!!! They keep changing all the time!!! It use to make me anxious but the fact is that trying, and changing, and experimenting is FUN. Some things come and go fast but others stay longer.
      Now I'm off to visit your blog!