08 September 2013

Grape Hyacinth Revisited

I've been keeping artist journals since 2001. They use to be full of colors, collage, mandalas and images from my inner world.
I wanted to draw the outer world too, so around
three years ago I started teaching myself how to sketch and draw.

The image bellow is an ink and watercolor sketch I made two years ago.

 Yesterday I revisited the beautiful Grape Hyacinth (Muscari).
In a more detailed and precise botanical style I drew it again in colored pencils: measuring, paying attention to form, lights, shadows, etc...
You can see some stages and the final drawing below.

 First Grape Hyacinth (ink and watercolor) done probably in 20 min, second one (colored pencils) done in around 10 hours.

 Drawing is a skill, believe it or not you can learn how to do it, you don't have to be "talented", the more you practice the better you get, I promise you. I've done it!!!

I know some of you are thinking the first one is a good sketch and you couldn't do it. 
Check for yourself two of my first drawings on my unpublished journal and compare them with a more recent version:

What do you think after looking at this?


  1. Wow these are amazing, I myself have just started drawing , I'm in the process of learning to become a botanical artist at the moment struggling with measuring just cant get my head around it , was wondering if you have a video on you tube on how to measure plants and flowers.

    1. Thank you for your words! I'm very new to measuring and still struggling too, first I was using a transparent ruler and now I'm using proportional dividers which I find easier and more precise to use. I pretend there is a transparent wall in front of my subject and I measure over the imaginary wall rather than the subject. I'm not sure if this is helpful...

  2. Hi. I am from artist's journal workshop group. thanks for sharing with us. I've always loved to draw but never really gave it a thought until recently. Your drawings are amazing. I would love to, someday, be as good as you.

    1. KC thank you for you nice comment. When I started I never imagine I could do what I do now. Keep practicing, that's the trick!

  3. Really lovely to see the botanical touches to your work. Beautiful butterfly studies and the grape hyacinth is very pretty.

    1. Oh Jarnie, thank you very much for such a nice comment, it made my day!!!