14 April 2013

Another Embroidered Mandala

I'm still on embroidery mode.
 It's funny, I feel like I've been unfaithful to my journals, my watercolors and to painting...  I can't help it but I am hooked again. 
I laugh because many times people who knew me as an embroiderer would always ask me "are you ever going to embroider again?  I didn't know for sure but didn't think it would happen.
...and here I am!
I think I'm enjoying it so much because I do it with freedom. The freedom I get from not knowing what I'm going to do or what I'm going to make. I don't follow any pattern or a plan.
I just think of colors and color combination, I start stitching and it grows, like this mandala.

For those of you who are more onto journaling I will post some pages next week and will probably be painting a couple of thing I have in mind.

Happy weekend!

PS. Look at my new coral butterflies bucket from Cozy Memories.


  1. Me siento identificada con vos, María Mercedes. De repente me da por hacer algo y no puedo parar. También estoy en embroidery mood. Te mando un abrazo desde El Salvador.

    1. Gracias Maria por tu visita. Te confieso que tu, tus muñecas y tu Gineceo me han contagiado la fiebre del bordado ;) Un abrazo colombiano desde Nueva Zelanda!

  2. Magamerlina, i really love your embroidery mandala. That's so beautiful piece !