10 October 2011

Job done. New Cards

Today I finished printing and packing all the cards from last week's order. I am very pleased with the job done. You can view the cards here
I made this six cards prototypes today as well.
Now I can do my Illustration Friday for this week, didn't get to do last week's and I can also sketch a gorgeous pheasant's eye daffodil a friend gave me. Will post them as soon as they are done.


  1. I love the raw artwork you got there. I was trying to download them for my matt business cards designs collection but for some reason, the quality is jaded. Can I ask for some rough soft copies please? Only if you don't mind. Cheers!

  2. Hi Geoff, it happened because they are not suppose to be downloaded. Tell me more about what you are going to do with them and I'll think about it. See, this is my work and I normally sell it. ;)