19 September 2011

New Table and Shipping Tags

I am painting this shipping tag in a new table I "inherited" from my friend Carol. It is an old and used table full of creative energy from years of embroidery, book binding and other projects she worked on it. It is higher than normal tables which is good for detailed work because I usually work very close to the paper.
This is the daisy I was painting yesterday, I finished it in my new old table.


  1. What a lovely project! Visited your Etsy store too :-) May I have permission to pin this to my Pinterest Design board?

    Best of luck with your endeavors!
    Trish, aka LittleBrownWren @ Flickr

  2. Thank you Trish, I'm glad you like my project. Of curse you can pin this, I would be flattered! ...and thanks for visiting my Etsy.