18 June 2014

Kolam Inspired Simple Knot Tutorial

The inspiration for this knot came from several KOLAM designs I've seen on the web.
I have use it as a center in some of my latest mandalas.

For this tutorial I've used
Step 1
Start drawing a cross.

Step 2
Add perpendicular lines to each arm of the cross.

Step 3.
Draw three lines on each space following the direction os the external line. Its easier to add one in the middle and then one on each side

Fill the four spaces. It should look like this.

Step 4.
Start drawing the curved lines' start with the one closest to the middle.

Continue drawing the four curved lines, one for each straight line. The last one should start at the external line you drew in step 2.

Continue drawing the curved lines on each side of the square, following the same order.

Here's you finished simple knot.

Mandalas where I used this knot as center.

You can also watch the video where I draw the knot in real time


  1. Not sure if you got my comment! It disappeared! :) Anyway, thanks for this tutorial! Your finished page looks great too! I was checking out some rangoli designs and getting confused! I think I'm dyslexic 'cuz I was drawing what they were doing backward! Did you see the ones on the streets of Mumbai? Incredible! So many beautiful symbols everywhere! Anyway, I can follow you for some reason! And your work is always beautiful! Whoot! ♥

    1. What do you mean it disappered Minerva? It's here :) You're welcome. Those women make real wonderful and beautiful designs!!!

  2. Merci pour le tutoriel ! comme toujours c'est très beau et je vais essayer, bientôt les vacances : le moment rêvé !
    à bientôt

    1. Vous etes les bienvenus! Merci Marylaure for following my work!!! Have fun drawing mandalas and knots :)

  3. Hi! My first comment disappeared! It may have been a problem with my connection...so I started over! But I have been seeing mandalas everywhere now! Even my DH has! I took a pic of some volunteer sunflowers & the insides were a bunch of mandalas in one big mandala! You have me looking everywhere! I love it! Thank you for your inspiration! ♥