08 May 2014

From The Beach To My Desk

On Easter, instead of egg hunting I went pebble hunting with my husband and my daughter.

New Zealand is a paradise full of beautiful landscapes. and since we are a bunch of islands, North Island, South Island and some other smaller ones, we have endless beaches. 
We are lucky enough in the South Island (or I am!) to have what they call "shingle beaches". Shingle beaches occur in places where braided rivers end in the ocean, and basically they are beaches full of pebbles and cobbles instead of sand.

In some of these beaches I've collected most of the pebbles I've painted, some other ones I've collected over the years from different places.

Me and my daughter's shadow
Pebbles and Cobbles Close UP

The Treasure
Some Painted Pebbles and Tools
Bottoms Up - Signature
Mandala of Mandala painted Pebbles

This is what I've done so far, still plenty to have more fun.

Have you seen my video?


  1. Oh, how wonderful! There are some wild beaches where I live, in Slovenia, that have that same kind of pebbles! I wish I could be able to paint something so beautifully on them like you do :-) You're truly talented.

    1. Manu thank you very much for your beautiful comment! I think you should pick up some pebbles and give it a go try :)

  2. These pebbles are wonderful, so neat and eye catching.

  3. I was wondering where you got your stones. How nice that you get them direct from nature.