17 November 2013

Creation: process of bringing into existence.

After seeing this doll in my "mental screen" I made a basic sketch on a piece of paper. Little modifications here and there until it look like the creature I'd seen.
I copied the drawing on the fabric using a window as a light-box, then I chose the colors and started outlinig and coloring.
It is a slow, relaxing and meditative process ...and many hours of stitching ahead.
Looking forward to my creation.


  1. Yet another creative project, Maria! The thread colours are wonderful!

  2. You are so creative!! I enjoyed reading your blog too and also liked how you have shown that practice does help improve with drawing! Well done! :)

    1. Oh Shevaun, thank you so much!! I appreciate you going though my blog and your words. I wrote that post about practice because people keep telling me I'm talented but don't believe much when I tell I've learned and got good at it.