29 February 2012

Flowers on my Sketchbook

Lately I have been looking at flowers and flower photos a lot... May be I'm trying to keep them in my mind and in my sketchbook before the winter comes (Autumn is starting here soon!).
I love flowers but I don't like gardening, I think I'm lazy and I don't like the texture of earth, instead I go around other people's gardens admiring their dedication and hard work.
I have trouble cutting them as well, I feel they belong to their plants, don't get me wrong, I think they look beautiful in vases and they complete any decoration, but I just can't cut them! I just like to look at them, their colors, their textures, I like to smell them and touch them... I also like to see photos, drawings and paintings... and best of all I love to capture them on my sketchbook.


  1. Your flower sketches are lovely as is your handwriting. We are on opposite sides of the world seasonally and in a gardening sense. I can't wait to bury my fingers in the earth! :)

  2. Thank you very much Kathleen! When I was writing this post I was thinking how much you enjoy your garden and how would you be hopping for spring to come soon.