09 February 2012

Two painted pebbles using different tools.

Two painted pebbles by MagaMerlina
These pebbles are a little bit bigger from the others I have done. This time I am using a dip pen with Hunt 512 nib and  Dr.Ph.Martin's White Bombay ink.
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  1. G'day Maria I am thrilled to have found your blog... & thrilled to see your stones/rocks are NZ rocks... I so so love them I always try to slip one or 2 little ones in my bag when I visit. I collect mine from Rarangi Beach near Blenheim... I have often given them as presents to my friends over there - I crochet around them...
    I must say I love your pen stand in this photo... I know it has a special name I can't think of it but... Keep being happy painting your beautiful rocks... Bethel

  2. G'day Bethel! Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like it... and my pebbles! I have been collecting stones since I was a little girl and I loooooove the stones here, you find all sorts... my husband is always teasing me about collecting them and now he loves them painted. Can I see your crocheted stones? I didn't know the brush stand had a special name, I got it through internet from Daniel Smith's in Seattle-USA.

  3. Beautiful work! I've tried bombay white several times and perhaps I have been lucky enough to find old bottles but they are not opaque, more like cloudy white. I adore your stones!!! Perhaps I should try again!

  4. Hey Tammy! Nice to see you here. I've found that if I stir the ink with a wooden chopstick before using it I get the opaque white but if I just shake the bottle I get the cloudy white plus lots of bubbles. Just give it a go and let me know if it works. Thank you for your nice comment.

  5. Wow, Nice work.Painting rocks, stones, and pebbles may sound like a new trend but it isn't. The earliest paintings ever created by man were done on the stone walls of caves. Flat stones like cave walls provide great painting surfaces.

    1. I know Penelope, isn't that amazing!! Those paintings are so beautiful and alive. Thank you :)

  6. I bought an acrylic ink and dipping pen but mine beaded on the stone. May have been the stone, but I was disappointed. :(

  7. Sorry to hear/read that! May be the stone is to smooth/shiny?